Monday, July 29, 2013

oh, hello ...

i've been having a debate with myself for too long now about whether or not to rename/rebrand my business. 
the truth is, i really wish i'd have thought of a name for my shop when it first opened, but y'know, now is as good a time as ever! 
after going through many suggestions, some more hilarious that others (kittenface being my favourite of the lot! haha!) i've finally made the decision to rename my shop. from now on i will be known as  :

hello harriet

although i'm a little worried about making the change at this stage whilst my business is still in it's early days, i'm hoping it will be a positive step that will help to establish my brand.
my main reasons for wanting to make the change are that i've always found it a little strange having my full name repeated so often ... harriet gray from harriet gray illustration ... it's quite a mouth-full!
also i have an issue with the whole gray / grey thing! ... it is ever so slightly frustrating when people spell my name wrong, and it worries me that it hinders people from finding my little shop just from a tiny spelling mistake!

the rebranding is still only in the early stages, so over the coming weeks expect to see some changes! i'll hopefully be switching my blog, twitter, facebook and instagram names to hello harriet. i'll be designing new logos and packaging too, and there will be a brand spanking new website! but i'll be sure to keep you updated as i go!

what do you think of the new name? I hope you all like it!



  1. I like it. Two thumbs up.

  2. I like it. Alliteration yay! I'm pretty certain I've screwed my business over by having things under the various names of "kiki mcnee illustrations" "kirsten mcnee illustrations" "fineline" and "fawn and thistle" I just couldnt decide!

    1. aw, i do think it helps to have things under one name, but if you use the different names for different areas of you business it could work. for example i'm using hello harriet for my shop, but i'll use harriet gray for my freelance illustration

  3. It's sweet, I really like it!

  4. I love it! I have been contemplating changing my name too as I have developed and grown so much since I started - although I have no idea what to change it too!! X

    1. thanks sam! i have literally been trying to think of a name for the last year! some of ones i came up with were pretty ridiculous! it's such a difficult decision x

  5. I did the opposite! When I first created my Etsy, it was with the intention of having an individual (with room for collaboration) business for selling all sorts of things. Thus far, for multiple reasons, my Etsy shop has pretty much only dealt with art prints, which are sold under my name. I almost changed the URL to my name a few weeks ago, but as you can only change it once, I thought best not to make any rash decisions!

    The most annoying thing is that the Etsy name I wanted in the first place was taken by someone who wasn't even using their account, so I put an 'and' at the start, which has made for quite a crap/awkward URL.

    I think you've made a good decision. It's a sweet, memorable name, fitting of the excellent goodies that you sell. My business is a total fledgling at the minute so I think I'm going to hold off changing my URL for a bit longer while I figure out what my business even is!


    1. thanks catherine, glad you like it!
      i understand your thinking, probably best not to make any solid decision until you have decided what you're doing. i think i've got to a point now where i have a better understanding of my business, so i think i made the right decision for it. in the beginning i only thought about using my shop as a small side business to sell a few prints etc, but now it's taken over as my main income i thought it made sense to try and build a brand around it.

      and ooh it's annoying when people take up all the good names and then don't bother using them! haha!


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