Saturday, August 03, 2013

{caturday} OH NO Rachio

so last weekend i had a little trip on the ferry to visit the lovely rachel, we had a fun couple of days which involved seeking out hidden gems in the local charity shops, getting covered in mud at rachel's allotment, and reaping the rewards for a scrumptious dinner, and we also managed to fit in a little diy!

i taught rachel how to sew her very first zipper purse, and as a little thank you she made me the sweetest little kitty pouch! isn't it the cutest! it's the perfect size to hold all my loose bits in my tote bag like my keys, headphones and other things i usually lose ... so thanks rach!

keep an eye out next week as i'll be teaching YOU how to sew your very own zipper pouch! hoorah!

and and and! i'd just like to say a quick *sorry* for the lack of posting recently! i've been working hard on my new website and my giant hello harriet to do list! i've had such a positive response to the name change, so thank you everyone! you're ace!
so far i've made a new facebook page (feel free to give it a little like) i added loads of photos which have been sent to me by my lovely customers too ♥
also, i've changed my twitter and instagram names to @_helloharriet
and very soon i shall be updating the blog too, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. This is so cute that so many people send you messages with photos of your products! Nals stickers are so pretty!


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