Sunday, November 21, 2010

gimme five for 10% off!

i feel a tad guilty as i've neglected the blog a bit recently  ...  i was obviously deeply traumatised by the thievery that prompted my last post, which by the way NOONE has owned up to, which means my mega bezza is STILL without a birthday present. sad times.

on a happier note, i've had a nice day today as i've started my christmas shopping, which was made even better by the fact i didn't even have to get up off my bum and brave the cold outside to do it ... good old etsy!
aaaaand i got a load of stickers from moo the other day! i'll be using these to package up any online orders from now on, lovely stuff. andandAND if that doesn't tempt you enough i'm offering 10% off all orders in my etsy shop this week until midnight sunday 28 november. just enter the code: hifive

don't forget to hi five ;)

if you'd like more than one of any of the items listed in my shop just let me know and i'll make it happen! i'm nice like that.