Friday, October 15, 2010

Stolen Present

Sad news today :(

Just arrived in cardiff to see my lovely friend for her birthday. And me, being a nice friend bought her a super cool birthday present. However me being me I stupidly accidentally dropped it somewhere on my way from where I parked my car to her house (literally across the road)
And someone has picked up her special present and taken it home all for themselves.
One of the presents is a handmade purse which I made especially for her. Pictured in this post. I am hoping whoever has robbed it visits my website or blog and sees this post. It's a long shot but thought it was worth a try. Please please if it's you give it back, ill even send u something as a thank you.
The other pressies were an OMG bag from alphabetbags and a long gold necklace with a flower on the end.

Pretty peas give it back we are very sad about this and we don't want my weekend visit to cardiff to be remembered as "the weekend you lost my bday present" waaaa

ps. sorry for the gloomy picture it was taken on my blackberry

pps. the present was dropped on Cathays Terrace, Cardiff. please contact me to find out where to return the gift to pleeeeeeease!!