Wednesday, September 28, 2011


sorry for the lack of posting recently, is it just me or is the new blogger layout a teeny bit confusing? hmmm, just me then? ok anyway

a couple of little things to share with you today.
this week i've been working on a tiny little something for a postal art project, here's the concept :

orange dot gallery (bloomsbury london) in association with the british postal museum are producing a show.
artists are selected, and then given 32 blank postcards each.
that artist pieces the postcards together in a grid to make a single canvas.
they produce a singular image covering all 32 postcards.
once done, the postcards are separated and posted off to 32 differing creatives.
those creatives interact with those postcards in any way they see fit and then send them back to the gallery.
the gallery then rebuilds the original larger image, now with 32 individual and unique additional pieces contained within,
once all are rebuilt they will be on show as part of an exhibition on october 20th.

after a call out on twitter, 'robbies brown shoes', from puck chose me as one of his 32.
robbie drew his illustration in black ink and i worked over the top in pencil and coloured crayons, i must admit it was quite a challenge to work so small and on textured paper! just as difficult to draw on as it is to scan in, so apologies for the small image - i assure you it looks a whole lot nicer in real life! i'm too used to working on big sheets of super smooth bristol board
more details of the exhibition can be found here.
i'm looking forward to seeing what these mysterious inked lines become with the other 31 postcards!


also this week i was featured in issue 8 of burst magazine, the pen and pencil edition. go here to download. lots of nice work in there, including some from ohh deer's jamie mitchell, he's a bit special - keep an eye out for my exciting collaboration with ohh deer coming in the near future!

ohh aaand i don't think i blogged about this at the time but matt spencer created a few illustrations based on our cat loving, tea drinking twitter bios, including my wiggly worm one!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pretty penny

... i thought i'd quickly let you know that i've finally gotten round to listing my new purses in my tiny shop. four sizes to choose from. all lovingly hand sewn and waiting for you to take home, sowhatareyouwaitingfor?