Wednesday, August 15, 2012

old school smugness

smug is bringing us another pop up print shop this october, and they'd like you to get involved! it's sure to be as awesome as the last, so if you'd like to be considered for the pop up exhibition, follow the details above ... good luck

Saturday, August 11, 2012

august is my favourite

i'm usually a little biased towards the month of august, the small matter of my birthday is enough to sway it for me ... but this year, a few other things are making this month all the more exciting!

i woke up on 1st august to a ridiculous amount of hits to my etsy shop ... my tattoos were featured on the etsy front page (although technically it was 31st july in etsy land, it was august in the uk) ... annnddd then, last wednesday some of my lovely twitter friends noticed me in the etsy finds newsletter too (can you spot my tatts in the image above?) the power of the internet never ceases to amaze me!

here are some other things i'm super excited about this august :
- spending a long weekend in london with lukey and my parents, full of touristy things and sight seeing to celebrate both mine and my mum's birthdays! ... any suggestions of places to go/things to do would be muchos appreciated!
- my birthday
- my niece's first birthday
- taking the train to manchester to visit my lovely friend, her boy and their cat (most excited about the cat, obvs)
- we're finally moving house on 31st!

three cheers for august! ♥

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


i wanted to share with you a commission i finished today of these two little beauties! i've been given the all clear to share them online as the recipient is blissfully unaware of their impending surprise!

my cat lady status was confirmed the other day, i was in that wonderful shop home bargains buying multiple bags of cat treats, whilst wearing a top with a huge cat printed on it ... and then, my phone started going off; and whilst your phone ringing wouldn't be a problem for any normal person, i must point out here that my ringtone is a recording of luke doing a very realistic 'meowwww.' on repeat. and of course, my phone was set on LOUD. wonderful.

i'll be listing some new items in my shop this week, first up is your chance to commission me to draw a furry creature; do check it out!