Saturday, April 30, 2011

muchas gracias

just wanted to say a humongous thank you to all you beauties who voted/commented/liked/tweeted for my latest merrimaking-inspired design on all tropical ... as i found out i won this weeks competition ... yipppeeeeeeeeee!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

first the worst, second the best ...

i promise this isn't a wedding post ... but wasn't it just lovely! i've had a good few hours away from work to celebrate, my sister held a little royal party, with a strict dress code of red, white or blue ... i made sure i had some suitable attire to join the fun. twas a marvelous day, my mum even got to show off the meringue to the queen ... oh lols

but anyway, as i'm sure you can tell - my latest illo has absolutely nothing to do with the royal wedding! no no, this is one i have been working on for versus. it's a collaborative project of illustrated playing cards, where you design a card based on it's number. as you can see, i chose #3 ... do you get it, do you get ittt? ... will find out soon if it makes the cut, i have a feeling it might be a bit too weird!

last week the ladies from a beautiful blog called leivos kindly asked me to take part in a little interview with them & i was very flattered to be asked. you can see what i said here.
strangely enough, this interview was published the very next day --- even though it's like a year old! ('in to views' blog asked me some questions about a year ago. but then i never heard anything back from them after i sent off my answers) so, you can do a little virtual time traveling by reading it ... oh and don't forget to lol a little bit at the grey/gray. always baffles me when people spell my name wrong even when it's written right there!

in other news ...
any of you bear lovers out there might be interested in seeing this collabortive blog post organised by the very lovely jessica gowling... or grrrowling as i like to call her! it's filled with lots of lovely bear related things, and includes my 'heidi bear' illustration

speaking of which, i donated two a3 prints of 'heidi bear' to be sold in the ganbare nippon shop, to help raise money for the japan tsunami appeal. so much beautiful work for sale there, so do take a look and buy if you can as you'll be helping a really worthy cause.

oh and skipping back to the wedding for a moment, i was asked to do a few portraits of some royal ladies for the latest edition of cellardoor magazine - you cans sees thems heres

oh and and and ... i'm now on pinterest ... because i didn't have enough things to distract me. n o t


so, i've been looking forward to this for a while ... the newest ammo mag is out now! ... and it features one of my little illos - yippee! you can get it here for the teeny tiny price of £4, such a bargain to say it's filled with loads of great work, and look at that cover - so so beautiful! do you need anymore convincing, i think not .. go go go!

*photos courtesy of ammo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


to celebrate the beautiful weather i've decided to have a little sale in my shop, some items are reduced and you can get an extra 25% off your order with coupon code :



Friday, April 15, 2011

i'm calling upon you for a favour again ... i thought i'd put my merrimaking-inspired* illustration up for judging over at 
like before, votes are counted as facebook likes, tweets, palm ratings on the all.tropical website, and comments left on the design - so if you fancy helping me out by doing one or all of those things i'd be eternally grateful.
so go on ... show my design a bit of love. and just think, if it won you could max out the merri-ness by wearing the tee and the hood together! super cool ♥

*see my previous post for my guerilla merrimaking antics x

22/04/11 voting has now closed, thank you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


so, i am probably a bit slow in discovering the wonders inside, but i am totally in love with their bespoke animal hoods. and so, to show my adoration i made a little illo and posted it around various locations for all to see. hope the merrimakers like it!

... dreaming i will one day own a beautiful arctic fox hood ♥

soupa new site

the soupa website has a brand spanking new look. you really should head over there to see it with your own eyes. it's really very nice. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

pre release sale ...

i had a little message from the guys at the other day to say that my t shirts will be ready next week - e x c i t i n g!
as always new designs are available at a lower price for a limited time before general release ... soooo here's your chance to get one for the special price of only £15 until this Wednesday 6th (after this they will be the usual price of £20 ... still not bad but we all like a bargain, don't we)
soooo if you are interested in getting one you just need to email all tropical directly requesting my 'heidi bear' tee for £15 at

*ps i realise i have posted this image many times on my blog. i'll stop now. promise.

*pps here's a link to the american apparel tee's that my design will be printed on, if you're wondering what size to get have a look at their size guide 

Saturday, April 02, 2011


i was struck with inspiration this week when i saw these beautiful painted stones by Natasha Newton (click the links to see her paintings, they are actually A-mazing)

Natasha's stones reminded me of something i have been meaning to make for my mummy ... and timing couldn't be better with mother's day right around the corner! a while ago, my mum had seen what she called a 'chatty rock' in someone's garden and said she wanted one ... so i made her this (pictured above) a bossy little rock that on one side says 'turn me over' and the other says 'ahh, that's better!' 
aren't i a nice daughter ey ...