Thursday, September 27, 2012

itteh bitteh houseplant committeh

since moving house, i've had two big fat cat shaped holes in my life, which has lead me to want to grow things. i think i have concocted the perfect cat/plant combo.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

new meows

i've been keeping my fingers busy sewing up some brand new kitty travel card holders! they're live in my shop now, so go check 'em out 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

desk make over!

i don't have much i can share with you at the moment, as i'm busy with projects and catching up with my accounts, i was very naughty and didn't keep them up to date the last month (... ehem months!)
so in the mean time, whilst i'm wading through piles of receipts i thought i'd show you a before and after shot of my desk!
i picked up this hideous thing on ebay for 99p! it's so much better than my old computer desk as it's massive, has better storage below, and the keyboard drawer actually works ... but! let's face it. it's fugly.

so out came the tin of paint ...
because it's laminate i had to prime it first, i used this, then i applied two coats of laura ashley eggshell matte wood paint. i also prettified the edges with some washi tape!

much better, don't you think?

*update* my keyboard has been getting a whole lot of love recently, i bought mine off etsy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

... we've moved!

gosh, it's been a little while since i last posted! ... i do hope you'll forgive me. i have many excuses which include birthdays, fun trips, and of course, lots of lovely work to explain my lack of contact with the online world, but the biggest reason is that i've moved house!

just over a week ago, luke and i took the jump and moved out from my parent's house in shropshire to a lovely little flat ... on the isle of wight (that's about 200 miles away, incase you were wondering!)
we've spent the last week getting settled in, unpacking boxes and making it feel like home. during which a small mountain of work has crept upon us. so i thought, before i embark upon that mighty task,  i'd share a few quick snaps of our new studio! we're a bit smitten with all the space we have now, and, of course our sea view :)