Saturday, December 24, 2011


i didn't think i had time this year to do a little festive themed drawing but after reading this i realised i was just being silly. hope you like it (paper cracker hats are the best kind of hat) ...

i wanted to take a moment to say a supersized thank YOU for being so wonderful! to all who follow me on twitter, or my blog, for favouriting (and sometimes even buying) things from my little shop, for all the lovely comments, kind emails, and special snail mail post i have been lucky enough to receive ... you've really made my year ♥

... so who fancies another little giveaway! just comment on this post and you could win a mini mirror of your choice (and some other little surprises) i'll pick THREE winners on new years day ... good luck!

also don't forget you can still get 20% off in my shop until 06.01.12
aaaaand i'm nearly at 50 sales (my goal for this year!) ... to celebrate the 50th sale gets extra FREE treats and goodies in with their order ... only two sales to go!

here's to wishing you all a fabulously merry christmas and new year. i'm off to get jolly!