Saturday, July 06, 2013

{caturday} teach your cat to read

oh yes. you are not mistaken. i happened upon this little gem a few weeks ago whilst i was browsing the shelves of my local pdsa charity shop.

i actually didn't buy it at first, but it was one of those 'instant regret' moments when i left the shop without it, luckily it was still there when i went back a few days later!

i'm not really sure what i was expecting, as i didn't inspect it too much in the shop, but from first appearances of the packaging alone i expected it to be pretty naff. naff but fun.

i was happily surprised to find some really beautiful illustrations inside by sophie backall

the pack contains an alphabet bowl/bookstand combo, for kitty to enjoy some leisurly reading whilst partaking in his favourite activity (second to sleeping)

i especially love the cat dictionary in the back, my favourite entries are :
catacomb, n. grooming aid.
catalogue, v. to stretch and claw at a piece of wood or furniture.
catharsis, n. private parts of a cat.

i hope to use this with all my future cats, to have the most educated felines in all the land

in related news *and any excuse to talk more about cats* have you seen the horizon special 'the secret life of cats'? if not you should definitely check it out whilst you still can! truly fascinating


  1. This is just brilliant, haha!

  2. I love this haha! :)

  3. WHAT! This is so awesome :) How lucky it was still there waiting for you. Also thanks for the heads up on 'the secret life of cats' bookmarking to watch after dinner tonight :)

  4. haha, what a brilliant book!

  5. aahha i want this book aswell <3

  6. N'awh, such a sweet idea. I would love to buy one for dogs =)



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