Wednesday, April 11, 2012

☀ sunshine

the very lovely zoe from ladybird likes has been so sweet to nominate me for a sunshine award ... n'aww! it's such an honour to be chosen by zoe as i love her blog so much. you should probably head over there right now and follow her. you'll find beautiful photography, lovely lists and one of the cutest etsy shop i've seen.
without further ado ... for my sunshine award i have to answer the following questions and then choose five other bloggers to nominate :

i love pastels. especially minty greens, soft purples and salmony/peachy pinks

purrr purrr prrrrppp mew mew meeeeoowww ... cat (if you hadn't worked it out from that)

non-alcoholic drink
cream soda. although i *always* forget it exists when i go to the shops and never buy it :(

facebook or twitter 
twitter wins every time!

getting or giving presents 
i do enjoy giving presents, but i have an irrational fear that the person won't like what i'm about the give them, so i don't particularly like being there to watch when they open it!
of course i love receiving presents, who doesn't!

wildflowers are my absolute favourite. big bunches of them all mixed together ♥ especially poppies

anything remotely tribal/native american/navajo inspired will have me smitten. it appeals to my hippy within

making things, anything and everything!

i'm always drawn to odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 7 ... they just look so much better to me

and now i'd like to nominate :

anna gwenllian for her beautiful colourful cities and for keeping me entertained on twitter with #whereskitty

holly exley because i love her paintings, and her blog posts are always so well thought out, helpful and insightful

stacie swift because her little animal characters always make me smile

victoria whincup because her drawings are so damn sweet

ella masters because her jewellery is just plain lovely and i love the dreamy photography on her blog :)

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  1. awwww fanks!! I need to do a blog post like this now heehee :) pur pur meow meow is also my favourite animal too! xxx


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