Wednesday, April 18, 2012

blogger series ... another WIP

when it comes to drawing from reference photos, it can get a little old drawing from photos of yourself. all day. everyday. seriously. the amount of pictures in my photobooth of me posing. it's ridiculous.

so, for a bit of a change, for my next personal project (to pass the the time between commissions) i thought i'd draw some of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers ...
usually i am trying to make the face look different to that of the photo, so it's a bit of a challenge this time attempting to get true likenesses!
here's one i've been working on today - i wonder if anyone can guess who she is?

it seems all i post on my blog at the moment is work in progress shots ... sorry about that, i know they're not great quality pics. i haven't decided yet if i'm going to post my blogger drawings one by one as i finish them, or to wait til i've finished them all and post them up all together ...  hmmmmmmm


  1. I actually have nightmares that someone might oneday look at my photobooth. Its NSFW. ha ha

    1. hehe! when my mac broke last year it had to be sent off for repair and i was so paranoid the tech guys would be having a good laugh at my photobooth pics, it kind of made me relieved that they couldn't recover the harddrive! x

  2. Looks like lily of llymlrs. :) Very good idea.

  3. Anonymous18 May, 2012

    I also recognised this as Lily off llymlrs purely just by looking at the eyes :) great job x

  4. Your work is literally AMAZING. The finished Lily & Gemma illustrations are so so beautiful. Lucky girlies indeed.
    Keep up the amazing work xx

  5. I love this idea! I started a similar blogger series too so I'm really excited to see your picks.
    Well, speaking for myself here, I really like seeing progress shots. I love seeing how a drawing comes to life. This one looks beautiful already and it's really going great!


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