Thursday, August 25, 2011

remember not to forget

you may have seen me tweet a photo of something in the making for my mummy's birthday present. well it's all finished now; printed, rounded, ordered and bound up to make a pretty little birthday book.

it's a kind of perpetual calendar, to be used as a way of remembering special dates, birthdays, anniversaries and such. each month is a different colour to the next, allowing for easier flicking! it's a6 in size, has lovely rounded corners and is printed on nice thick paper stock (the whole book is about 1.5cm thick)

i am wondering whether to make some more of these to sell in my etsy shop, probably for around £15 but i'm never good at judging the market, so thought i'd call upon you all for advice!


  1. It's beautiful. Would make a lovely gift - hopefully you might be able to make some Christmas sales with it :) I'd get just one or two more done at first to see how they go down.

  2. lovely design, very tasteful, nice title too. I agree about a few to start with - can people order direct from your site, do you have other outlets ?

  3. That's so prettyyyyy I need one of these!! also you should get in contact with stationery companies, local and big ones like paperchase :) xx

  4. worth a go cos this one looks great!x

  5. aww thanks for all your kind comments, i'm going to take your advice & get a couple more printed to go in my etsy shop, and i'll probably have one made to show to potential stockists too! thaaaaanks ♡


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