Thursday, August 11, 2011


apologies for the radio silence that has fallen upon my blog recently, if you follow me on twitter you may have seen that towards the end of july my imac hard drive decided to die (very inconsiderate of it!) which meant i had to have it sent away for repair for a little while.
unfortunately the only solution was to have it replaced, which obviously resulted in me losing all of my data ... and since i hadn't backed anything up for about a month prior to this, i lost a fair bit. very sad.
all of this has made me very thankful that i do the majority of my work by hand. so all my illustrations that weren't saved can be re-scanned and re-edited, so i'm trying to look at the bright side as it could have been worse (now i just need to find the time to do all of this re-doing...)

so on that note i'm afraid i don't have that much to show you at the moment, above is a sneak peek of one of my recent illos that i did whilst i was sans imac ... but that's all you're getting for the time being

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  1. boooo broken mac :( but oooh looking forward to seeing that sneek peek in full peek :) xx


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