Wednesday, August 17, 2011

it's a moo point

early in july you may have heard me squeal with excitement over a great big lovely tax repayment, so to celebrate (in stationery geek style) i placed a rather large order with moo ... it was timed perfectly with their 30% sale, i like to splurge yet be thrifty at the same time you see
i treated myself to a bunch of new postcards, i'm going to round of the corners of these before sending them out. and i also thought i'd try out their new stickers and labels
unfortunately with bad luck coming in 3's and all that : 1.imac breaking 2.being rediculously ill the day i got back from holiday; number 3 was for my moo order to get lost in the post! sad face
thankfully moo are very nice and reprinted my order for me and i think it all looks fab, i hope you like it too!

i also have this 'refer a friend' link where new moo customers can get 10% off their first order, which is nice

anywayyy extra cool points to those who get the friends reference in the title, lols
a cow's opinion *ehem*

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