Monday, June 03, 2013


gosh. so, where do i start?! i absolutely love pinterest! i can literally be on there for hours.
i don't have many boards (compared to some) i have tried to keep them simple and relevant for my favourite things.

i love that i can use pinterest as much for work as i do for pleasure. i have a board where i pin my my illustrations and images from my etsy shop and blog. (it's always nice to see these pop up on other pinners boards too) and if i'm ever stuck for inspiration, i'll head over to pinterest for an instant pick me up.

probably my most used board features ideas for utterly charming diys, if i happen to find myself with a spare 5 minutes i'll pop over to this board to see if there's something i can make. yesterday i made a little macrame pot holder from a tutorials i pinned. so cute!

pinterest often fills me with envy. so. many. beautiful. things. whether it be homes, art, people or items; each has a corresponding board for me to file away all these things i feel i need in my life.

oh, and obviously i have a board dedicated to cats ... duh

the more you use pinterest, the more you notice all the cute little extras that make the site so lovely to use. some of my favourites include :
♡ being able to change the cover image of your boards : a cute way of highlighting your favourite pin
♡ rearrange your boards : i love little details like this
♡ 'other pins from' : a quick and simple way of seeing other pins taken from the same website (eg my shop)
♡ similar pins : when admiring pins, the clever gremlins inside pinterest show you a selection of other images they think you might like. how nice of them!
♡ the iphone app : i use this *a lot*
♡ liked pins : i love that your liked pins are collected onto their own board too. it's like the ultimate amalgamation of your favourite things all jammed together (in a nice way)
♡ group boards : very handy for brain storming and mood boards for projects etc (or just for fun)
♡ email notifications : you can choose how regularly you receive these. i opted for the weekly ones which nicely round up all my activity at a glance
♡ private boards : i've recently started using these .. oooh mysterious! they're great for collecting inspiration for personal projects and also gift ideas for your family & friends

if you've been following this series of 'pin it forward' blog posts to celebrate pinterest's official uk launch, you might like to check out dan young's blog tomorrow, as he'll be sharing his thoughts on pinterest too (you can follow his pins here)

do you use pinterest? i'd love to see your boards, feel free to leave a link in the comments! if you'd like to follow my pins you can do so here, and if you're new to pinterest you can join here.

Pin It Forward UK 2013


  1. harriet, i'm so glad you love all the new features on pinterest! we put pinners first so it's great to hear that you use them and find them useful. thanks for joining us in the pin it forward uk campaign!

  2. Hello there :)

    love your pinterest! here's mine,in case you want to take a look :

    1. thank you! i'm now following you on pinterest :) i particularly love your 'write me' board! very cute!

  3. I have been obsessed with pinterest for way too long now..and hence have a slightly shameful amount of pins which reflect the hundreds of hours I have spent ogling! mine is here if you'd like to peek :)

    ps. looking forward to hopefully meeting you at ohnorachio's etsy party :)

    1. wowww you have soo many pins!! i love how addictive pinterest, is hehe! ohh look forward to meeting you at the etsy craft party too :D

  4. I was thinking of joining Pinterest last week, I think I'll have to now!

    1. omg anna! just think of all the cats you're missing out on!

  5. Anonymous22 June, 2013

    Love your Pinterest boards Harriet! I'm a fellow obsessee and use it daily for all sorts of inspiration and never-ending wishlists. I've even got my mum using it :)

    Kate x


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