Friday, May 31, 2013

room for improvement

earlier this month we spent a week working away from home, we packed up all of our essential work stuff and moved 15 miles away to luke's parents house and spent the week cat sitting (yay!)
it was quite fun to have a little away time from our flat, since we work from home we spend *a lot* of time in the same four walls. something we particularly enjoyed was our temporary studio set up, so we thought we'd recreate it at home!

since we moved to this flat last september i've not really settled into a good work routine, and i think part of was down to my work space. although everything was neat and tidy (just the way i like it) everything was spread around the room, and felt a bit higgldypiggldy. my drawing desk was in the darkest corner and when i got my work stuff out it seemed to spread across the room and make a massive mess ... not ideal! here's how our studio room looked before (apologies for the shoddy photos)

we got rid of our computer desks (although they were pretty they were getting a bit rickety, so we donated them to the local charity shop). our matching imacs are now happily sitting on our big drawing tables which now back up against each other to create more of a studio feel!

the layout of the room feels so much more natural now that all my work supplies are in one place : here's where i need to say a big thank you to moneysupermarket! i've been lucky enough to take part in another of their competitions, this time i was given £50 to make over a room in my house as part of their 'room for improvements' challenge'. as much as i would have loved to have used the money on painting all the walls in the flat white, i decided against it as we're not going to be living here for much longer (and i'm far too lazy). instead i used the money to buy much needed extra storage in the form of this bookcase, and some of these boxes from ikea.

i had a few pennies left over to prettify the bare wall opposite my desk (see the first photo in this post!) so whilst i was in ikea i treated myself to some ribba frames for two of my favourite prints; a vintage manx cat illustration, and a beautiful screen print by charlotte lucie farmer
i even had enough pennies left to bag some hanging containers which were perfect for some of favourite succulents! 


  1. Yay, this looks much better now. I know how you feel about everything being higgledy piggledy, we have the same problem with everything in one room, but we also have a bed in here at the moment too! Think I've just about got it sorted now with my new working space too.x

  2. i agree, it looks so much better! it's weird how you don't realise sometimes just how much better something is until you actually do it. also ..loving the pom poms on that box! :)

  3. This looks great! Looks so light and airy, must be a really nice to work in :) xoxo

  4. Anonymous02 June, 2013

    Fab makeover!!! I like Luke's cheeky face popping out from behind his screen :-)

    Storage is definitely key to making it feel more organised and roomy.

  5. OHEMGEE Just seen this, it looks awesome!!! LOL at Luke! xxx


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