Sunday, May 12, 2013

succulent crazy

so if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you may have noticed i am developing a small obsession with succulents!
i think it's partly due to the fact i don't have a garden, so house plants are a must. AND i don't have a cat (or other small fury creature) to smother care for, so my attention is focussed entirely on these little plants! they are basically filling the cat shaped void in my life. sad but true.

i think some people are sometimes put off from getting plants because they think they're too difficult to look after and will probably die, but that is what i love about succulents. they're so easy to care for, because they like to be forgotten about!

i seem to have aquired a vast array of succulents fairly quickly, some have been charity shop bargains, some ebay, i've had a few from ikea and others were gifts.
having so many different kinds is awesome but it does create a small problem ... obviously i need something to put them all in ... que my second current obsession : plant pots!
i've decorated a few plain white pots using this *super easy* copper tape tutorial and i've made some out of fimo, but there's only so far my crafting ability can stretch! so it is nice to seek out a few slightly more unusual planters from some lovely shops for my growing collection

i was very lucky indeed to be gifted a little sneak preview of one of these terrarium kits that will soon be filling the virtual shelves of ohnorachio's etsy shop!
these gorgeous hand illustrated mugs come complete with everything you need to plant up your little succulent friends and instructions on how to keep them nice and happy

i think this would make a perfect housewarming gift, and also an excellent way to introduce someone to the wonderful world of succulents!
keep an eye out for these bad boys appearing in rachel's shop very soon
exciting news guys! you can now pre order these kits over at ohnorachio right now! EAK! if you treat yourself to one do let me know, i'd love to see a little photo of your new friend!

...and be sure to check out her other items too which include beautiful hand illustrated stationery (can you spot my awesome custom moleskin in the photo?)

n.b the hilarious peanut rubber is not available from rachel's shop but i thought it deserved to be featured in the photo too

ps. you should follow rachel's blog, it's really nice. she doesn't only post about succulents. see, here is a sweet little feature about my nail transfers!

**speaking of which! incase you missed it, i am having a little giveaway on facebook right now ... go and check it outttt!


  1. ah I love house plants and these little things are so easy to keep alive. I didn't however know their name till your post! I also like collecting mini cacti, equally as easy to look after :) xx

  2. I have a huge family history on suculents and cacti because my father it's crazy for them and since I am a kid I'm use to put my hands on the spines and find it funny. I've made a post this year about cacti and suculents because I bought so many this year, and funny is I bought also on Ikea, this year they have such a collection to choose! I spent like 15 minutes choosing which one I should take.
    Sofia G


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