Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#scp aka the party of the year

i can't quite believe how quickly it's come and gone, but last thursday was the day of the annual etsy party and our #scp! i'll warn you now, this post is going to be *very* picture heavy compared to normal, but hopefully you'll enjoy it ☺

i travelled to rachel's the day before, and with the added help of my favourite kimbee we set about decorating rachel's living room, filling goodie bags, making sandwiches, baking cakes and more importantly, licking bowls.

the day was a massive success (minus my colossal collision with an open window, which *almost* resulted in me splitting my head open!)
it was great to see everyone mingling and getting to know one another, and it was awesome to finally meet some of my lovely twitter friends in real life! The only downside to running your own business and working from home is the lack of face to face interaction with humans, so it's fantastic to have opportunities like this to meet some lovely like minded people!

the idea behind the day was to celebrate community by bringing everyone together for some crafty fun times, so we set about making our motivational pennants and merit badges. it was awesome to see everyone getting stuck in and show off some super sewing skillzzz!

a party isn't a party without cake, so after we'd all made a good start with our stitches we thought it was about time for a sugar hit, so we proceeded to fill our faces with sandwiches, meringues, cakes and ice cream (or was that just me?)
and can i just say, oommmggg *cake*. i know i sound a little bit crazy when i talk about cake. but, seriously. these were amazing!

after some more sewing, chatting and digesting, it was time for the prize draw!
i cannot thank our sponsors enough for their generosity, it really helped make the day that extra bit special, and from our overwhemling response it meant each of our guests got to take home a wonderful prize from the draw! (we even had a few things left over, but more news on that soon...)
here are some of our happy winners

prizes shown above were kindly gifted to us by paper&chain, laura manfre, merrimaking, stay home club and emma carlisle
and last but not least, here's a little sneaky peak of the goody bags ... i'll be posting a run down of all our fabulous sponsors tomorrow!

i'd like to thank everyone for coming along and making the day utterly wonderful, it was truly lovely to meet everyone!
also! i'd like to say a big fat thank you to Kirstine Squire, who managed to capture the day perfectly with so many simply beautiful photographs. i am rubbish at remembering to get my camera out during these things, so i'm very thankful K was there!
... and of course, i'd like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful rachel for organising such a fantastic party, for letting me help out, for the sleepover, for putting up with my worrying about the weather, for letting us take over her flat for the day and for not getting *too* angry when i got rid of the cold water that was vital for making the perfect cake frosting ... oops (sorry again!)
anyway, rachel, just so y'know ... you're ace!

oh, and before i forget, the twitter list should be up to date now, so you can find all our guests in one place (please let me know if you are missing so i can add you!)

hooray, you made it to the end! make sure keep an eye out later in the week for a *very* exciting giveaway! and please do share your links in the comments, i'd love to see your etsy party posts (either from our party or your own!)



  2. Ooof I'd about your bump! do you still have a lump? D: that pic of me with my awesome Stay at Home Club tote is the only one where I'm doing a normal face! Tee hee! Xxxx

  3. Harriet - great post, it was so much fun and seeing all these awesome pics again takes me right back!! Hope to see you again soon, Sonia xx (I've done a blog post too if you wanna see, layoutlines.blogspot.co.uk)

  4. darling blog. i'm quite enamored by your illustrations.

  5. This looks like such a fun day! :)


  6. What a grate get together, wonderful!!

  7. Yay! It looks like it was a huge success! I would have loved to meet you all :)


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