Thursday, February 14, 2013


for a while i've been wanting to continue the bloggers project i started way back in april last year (!!!) it's only now that i've had enough time to focus on it again.
one of the girls on my 'to do' list (that sounds really wrong!) was the lovely tasha from so on trend, it just so happened she was after a new blog banner, so we thought we'd combine the two!

a big thank you to tasha for being super patient with me, i've had lots of practice drawing cute little animals recently, which has left little time to practice drawing pretty girls. they're harddd.
I started another version of this drawing that was almost complete, but there was something about it that just wasn't quite right. it really bugged me ... so i started it all over again! does anyone else do that?

i've followed tasha's blog for ages but it took me a while to realise she's actually from the same town as me! ... you don't get many stylish telford ladiez you know! so go and follow this rarity, if not for her beautiful styling, then do it for her writing (i always lol when reading her posts) PLUS she loves cats. can't go wrong with a cat lady
visit tasha's awesome blog to see the entire illustration, in all it's glory ♥


  1. you are definitely one of my favourite illustrators. i'm praying that one day i can get my little mitts on your cat tattoos, they are so adorable! i'm forever finding the images on tumblr and changing the credit so it links back to you!

    lots of love,

    lily from red brick lipstick

    1. lily you are a star! i love that people share my work but it makes me sad when they don't link back, boooo! so thank youuuu xx

  2. This is so gorgeous! :)
    Catherine x
    Brighton Girl

  3. I found your blog through Tasha and I absolutely adore your illustrations..I hope one day to be on your..eer.."to do list" hehe

    Karys x


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