Thursday, February 07, 2013

50 random facts about me

i thought i would jump on the bandwagon, here are some random things you might not know about me ...

1. i am too polite for my own good
2. i have never broken a bone in my body, nor have i had any fillings in my teeth.
3. when i was little i watched the little mermaid several times a day. and i actually wanted (and still want) to be a mermaid when i grow up.
4. which is probably why i love swimming
5. my sisters dropped me on a table when i was a baby (obviously plotting to get rid of the favourite child) i have two scars on my face to this day as a result
6. i am 4 foot 11 inches tall
7. my boyfriend is illustrator luke waller and we have been together 7 years
8. i am the most indecisive person ever
9. probably not a surprise to learn that i am a crazy cat lady. when i moved away from home i didn't cry over missing my family, i cried over not seeing my cats. true story.
10. i am scared of heights
11. i am a hypochondriac
12. i taught myself how to crochet
13. i am awful at meeting new people, i can't do small talk, and i can never think of any interesting things to talk about (apologies if you meet me and you think i'm super boring as a result, i'm actually quite nice when you get to know me)
14. i can't speak any foreign languages, although i would like to
15. i got 100% on my driving theory test, but took two attempts to pass my practical (many years ago now) i sold my car last year.
16. i really wanted glasses as a child, so pretended i had blurred vision. my mum even took me to the doctors ... they gave me eye drops.
17. i am a lazy typist (hence the lack of capital letters in any of my blog posts)
18. i am one of those annoying people who says 'lol' instead of laughing
19. i wish i wasn't, but i am literally awful at geography
20. i hate being able to hear people eat.
21. i have never been to a festival
22. i owe the success of my career to the internet
23. i am one quarter Italian, one quarter German, and half English. But i don't know much about my family.
24. i can't play any musical instruments, despite my dad being an excellent musician
25. last year i lost about 30lbs in weight
26. i am an atheist
27. i am usually always cold and often wear gloves and scarves inside the house and carry a hot water bottle (much to the annoyance of luke who is constantly too hot)
28. i am way too critical about my own illustration work, or anything else i do for that matter. basically zero self confidence.
29. i don't watch much tv, i despise soaps and reality tv, i dont care for "celebrities" at all. but i love qi and comedy panel shows, also south park and american dad
30. i love going to comedy gigs
31. i am very ticklish
32. i don't like speaking about myself in real life, i don't often speak about my work to friends or family or anyone incase i bore them
33. i don't think any of my family read my blog
34. i can't stand selfish people
35. my favourite fruit is pineapple
36. i have a pink birthmark on my leg that everyone always assumes is a bruise (and they poke it, and say ooh does that hurt?)
37. i have 5 piercings (my bellybutton and 4 in my ears) i don't have any tattoos
38. when i'm drawing, my face is usually about 2 inches away from the page
39. i have never taken any recreational drugs
40. i have a strange fear of moths. i think they are beautiful, and they don't bother me at all when i see them outside. as soon at the come into the house i am petrified of them.
41. i taught myself how to build my own website on dreamweaver in a week without knowing a thing about coding etc
42. i don't have a middle name
43. if i was born a boy i would have been called edward (or so i am told)
44. i can crack most bones in my body, and have to crack my knuckles, neck and back on a daily basis (disgusting, i know)
45. i have no rhythm
46. i feel like i wasted my time at uni, i let the stress of everything get to me, i procrastinated a lot and was generally quite miserable. (yet i still managed to get a 2:1?!)
47. this is the only piece of work i did at uni that i am proud of (i don't think i have produced anything as good ever since ... lol)
48. i'm lactose intolerant
49. i was born in 1986 (i am running out of facts)
50. i can't spell the word 'because' without saying the rhyme 'bake eight cakes and use six eggs'


  1. Lovely to learn more about you. I too am petrified of moths and also can't spell because without saying "big elephants can always use some exercise" :)

    Claire x

    1. ahh! i've not heard that rhyme before, i like it :)

  2. Good to get to know you more x

  3. I like reading these fact posts!

    #2 and #3 reminded me of the time I snapped my arm in half and had to have an operation and stay in hospital. I wanted Sylvanian Families for being brave, but my mum bought me the Little Mermaid on VHS instead, and it wasn't even the Disney one. I was so disappointed, and have never let it go!

    1. D: that does sounds awful .. sorry to have bought up bad memories!

  4. i share quite a few of these facts with you it's kinda weird! :)

  5. Nice to learn more about you - we're freakishly similar though, even our height! Going to sulk that I'm not as unique as I thought I was ;)

    1. oo a fellow tiny person! - i always feel really uncomfortable being around people smaller than me, do you get that? lol! :p

  6. I wanted glasses too and the same thing happened to me!haha...

    I'm also scared of moths...and butterflies. I'll be posting one of these soon...:p

    1. haha! those doctors were obvisouly very smart to see through out plans ;)
      look forward to reading your list!

    2. I know...damn them!haha... I did get some fake glasses without lense in them and pretended to be a news reporter...that was pretty neat :p

      Mine is here:


  7. We have a lot in common! 2-7(we have been together almost 6 <3)-8 (It's me!!! haha) -18-19-28.

    I sent you an email :D


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