Tuesday, February 12, 2013

blogger meet!

i had such a super time in southampton on saturday meeting some new faces at our little blogger meet.
(from left to right) laurarachelrosie and i met for lunch and ended up annoying the staff no end by hogging a table for most of the day, which was lots of fun

i am usually *terrible* at meeting new people (hopefully i managed to surpress my awkwardness!) but i was surprisingly less nervous about it all than i thought i would be. the girls were so sweet, and i really enjoyed chatting to them, sharing lots of laughs and stuffing my face with loads of food.
i totally forgot my camera, so have stolen the photo above from the lovely laura (thanks laura!)

my only complaint about the day was that i forgot my scarf so was freezing during my trip home on the ferry ... brrrrrrrr

i really can't wait for the next blogger meet, which is on 2nd march in cambridge incase you were wondering - i hear it's going to be *big* ... and! there is mention of goody bags! oh em gee i'm so excited :D
if you'd like to come (which i think you definitely should) just let me know and i'll keep you up to date with all the details!


  1. Yay glad you all had a lovely time. Can't wait for 2nd March!

  2. Is the Cambridge meet up just for bloggers? I have just moved not far from Cambridge and would love to meet fellow like-minded people :)

    1. you'd be most welcome Hayley :) send me your email so i can keep you up to date x


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