Tuesday, January 22, 2013


a cute commission i worked on recently ... totally forgot to scan in the actual drawing before i sent it off, so i only have this instagram snap to remember it by! ho hum.

working on a blog header at the moment, it's nice to be drawing pretty girls again.


  1. You are soooo talented its unbelievable!!! I was literally drawing something and I thought to myself "oh thats pretty good for me" and then I quicky went onto blogger and saw this post on my dash and I was just like "actually I offically can't draw!". Seriously though this is really amazing! Im excited to see your new blog header too! :)x

    1. possibly the sweetest comment i've had on my blog <3 thank youuuuu! x

  2. Can I just say:

    Firstly, this is an amazing commission!
    Secondly, I'M EXCITEDDDDD <3


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