Thursday, November 17, 2011

petra doe

i was chuffed to find a little email waiting for me in my inbox the other week from these two lovely ladies. i've been keeping this illo on the down low until the long awaited release of ballad of... my dios de los muertos girlie will be appearing somewhere within the pages of the latest issue, 'little book of horrors' to mourn the loss of petra doe.

and guess what?! it's finally here! very sad i couldn't make it to petra doe's wake, i have been enviously looking at the photos from last night's shindig - the goodie bags that were handed out to the guests look amazing! i wonder who snapped up my hand drawn tote ... if you're reading this, hola!
if you'd like to buy a copy of ballad of petra doe for your very own self, head on over here



  1. this is absolutely amazing!
    so original


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