Thursday, November 24, 2011

♥ we are the aviary

i have been working on a charming collaboration with the aviary recently, along with a couple of other talented drawing ladies. we had the fun task of illustrating a few of their magical trinkets and treasures.
head over here to see the entire collection, a beautiful write up by victoria and a small q&a with me.
absolutely loved working on this project, hope you like it too :)


in other news ... i will be updating my website with some new work in the next few weeks, i will post an announcement on my blog so you can check it out when it's done, but please do excuse any unsightly appearances if you happen to look whilst i am doing the change ...

also just wanted to give a heads up, there's a 30% sale on at moo until 28th november ... and you can can get an extra 10% off your first order just by following this link


  1. what a lovely drawing!:)
    wonderful collaboration! enjoyed reading the details!

    have a nice day harriet!:)

  2. this is beaaaautiful :) the colourful jumper is brilliant and I always love how beautiful you draw hair! xxx

  3. Very pretty drawing, love the details in the hair and on the jumper as well, sweet little nose!

  4. thanks so much for all your lovely comments xx

  5. Ohhh! Your style is so quiet and lovely. I love this!!

  6. Oh how lovely! The colours are so pretty.

  7. this is such a beautiful illustration - you should do custom portraits, I'd love one in your style :) xoxo

  8. this is sooo beautiful! Also, I haven't visited your blog for a while and i love your new design!!! Merry Christmas!!! xxx

  9. Beautiful drawing, lovely lady :) xx

  10. have just came across your lovely blog via a post on Rose's blog and so glad i decided to check it out - you are such a talented illustrator! Looking forward to reading more posts and seeing your beautiful work!

    lucy xx


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