Monday, March 25, 2013

motel rocks

so i decided to enter the motel rocks competition, at the very last second (in true harriet gray style) !
i started drawing this girl's girl's face a while ago, just for fun. i had no real plans for her, so i put her in a drawer and forgot about her.

turns out, all that time she was waiting for a pretty motel dress and some uber cool tatts. hoorah!


  1. This is lovely, such brilliant detail (: be awesome if you win!

    Remia x

  2. Love it, fingers crossed for you! We used to have a Motel Rocks in Oxford, loved it.

  3. How beautiful, I love everything about it. Good luck!

  4. I had intended to enter this too but just didn't have the time. Though this is so gorgeous I'm kind of glad I didn't, my entry would have paled in comparison. Good luck!!!!

  5. *.* thanks for the lovely comments guys! i didn't win (boo!) but never mind xx


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