Saturday, March 09, 2013


i've started drawing a few gems for a little project i'm working on at the moment, i'm thinking they might make a nice set of tattoos! we shall see

just wanted to let you all know (and make you all a little jealous) that i'm off on holiday!
i'll be leaving my shop open, but any orders placed or emails sent to me whilst i'm away will be dealt with when i'm back on 16th march.
i will be taking my iphone, obviously, so no doubt you will still hear from me on twitter and instagram ...@harriet gray on both those if you'd like to follow me!


  1. oh dear! Your illustrations are so purrrfect! And lots of fun on your holiday, me so jelly! haha

  2. You're right they would make pretty ace tattoo designs, go for it I say! :)

    Have a wonderful holiday and yes... i am very jealous indeed!

  3. Your art is incredible, you're so talented!

    A little bit Unique



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