Friday, November 02, 2012

oh, hai!

i am still alive incase you were wondering, most of my family came to visit our new flat last week, which was lots and lots of fun ... however not very well timed on my part with work, so i'm playing catch up now!
you may have seen i've had some wonderful press about my kitty tattoos the last couple of weeks, will blog about that soon ♥ if you've bought some recently you will have seen my new packaging, hope you like it!

thought i'd show a sneaky peak of something new that will be coming to the shop very soon! what do you think? these phone cases will be available in a range of designs and for different models - not just the iphone *hooray!*
i will probably be selling them for around £20, i'd love to hear your thoughts on them ...

as i'm a little behind i will be holding off the price increase for another week or so, til i have everything sorted, so make the most of it whilst you can! also don't forget the sale is still on, lots of you have been making the most of the bargains :)


  1. I love the phone cases

  2. Very cute...if only I had an iphone! do you ever do cat nail transfers? I saw some cute ones the other day on ebay and they reminded me of your illustrations!x

  3. The phone case is so cute! So good to hear you'll be doing ones for different models too. xx

  4. I love it! Will defiantly be buying one! Do you also sell the little coin purse that has the same print? I want one of them too!


  5. Yay for doing other types of phone models too! It's always bit disheartening when the coolest cases are all for iPhones. Can't wait to see the designs! xoxo

  6. I want one! I somehow doubt you'll be making them for my phone though :( x


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