Monday, January 09, 2012


i had been waiting for permission to share this with you all, you may recognise it from the wip shot in my previous post ... 
i heard about an interesting project a few months ago through the wonders of twitter, organised by think act vote (?!X) which encouraged people to dare to dream about a world they wanted to live in 

'we express the future that we choose through how we spend our money, time and energy. everyday we make choices that shape our world. think act vote is built to inspire us to think positively about our future and the votes we cast, today. tomorrow and forever... 

run by a powerhouse of volunteers and a vibrant community of collaborators and supporters, think act vote have spent the past two years asking thousands of individuals to think deeply about, and to believe in a future that they choose' 

52 futures have been selected and 50 illustrators have been handed the task of bringing them to life; with the hope of displaying all work submitted in an exhibition
... and, one day, to be bound in a beautiful anthology, celebrating and imagining the futures we choose

we were told to choose a future which we felt we could relate to and could believe in; i chose to illustrate :
'the future i choose is one where we give all we can and take only what we need' by rory costello
to me, this doesn't just make reference to the fact we need to become less of a drain on natural resources, but also to society as a whole, to the care and help we show fellow human beings. we could all improve by being a little less selfish.

to read more about the project and interviews with those involved, take a peep at the website
if you'd like to help make the exhibition a reality please head on over and donate 


  1. I love it Miss Gray! You are a very talented lady. All your stuff is stunning. :) <3 u moonpig xxxxx

  2. Simply beautiful and stunning!!!!

  3. absolutely stunning x

  4. this so preeeetty! and brilliant guy portrait! beautiful 'future quote' :) xx

  5. This is beautiful Harriet! Do you use yourself and friends for reference? Your illustrations are always so perfect :)

  6. thank you all so much! it was a little scary drawing a boy for a change!
    bryony, thank you and yes! most of the time i use photos of myself (sometimes friends) as reference. i have some ridiculous photos of myself on photobooth on my mac, let me tell you! x

  7. That's beautiful!! I love the idea and the composition!

  8. omg. do yo u know how great this sketch ? you're amaizing !!
    check mine ?


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