Sunday, January 01, 2012

hello 2012

did everyone enjoy their new year celebrations? mine included fun with my boy, visiting our friends in manchester, meeting their beautiful (but terrified) cat, getting merry, some silly dancing, conquering my fear of going 'out' in flat shoes and many failed attempts at letting off chinese paper lanterns ...

i made a list like this last year and have managed to tick off a few things but not as many as i'd have liked, so i thought, this year i'd share it with you.
twenty-six things i'd like to do in the year i turn 26 ....

1. less spending more saving
2. get mum to teach me how to knit (again!)
3. knit/crochet something for myself - so far everything i've made has been for someone else!
4. make six new items for my shop - not including prints
5. get to 100 etsy sales
6. take better care of my health - i've become a hypochondriac
7. be dairy free! - i'm lactose intolerant but sometimes chocolate is just too tempting
8. stop cracking my joints
9. collect beautiful things for my new home ...
10. find new home to put beautiful things in!
11. get in a better routine, this includes but is not limited to - better sleep patterns, drawing everyday, exercising (almost) everyday
12. keep website up to date
13. don't waste my days off from pt job / be more focussed / disciplined / procrastinate less
14. but at the same time don't be so hard on myself to 'get it right'
15. finally put to use my coupon for a six month online course to learn spanish
16. read more books
17. monthly accounts / bookkeeping more conscientious about my impact upon the world! be more green, steer away from mass produced, use smaller shops/markets/charity/ebay etc instead
19. send more hand written letters
20. blog regularly - ideally at least once a week
21. take more pictures - get some printed and framed
22. leave comments on blog posts i read
23. make an animation - for fun or otherwise
24. have a thorough de-clutter - and continue to do so
25. have my work shown 3 times
26. be braver

i'm feeling really positive about 2012, and am looking forward to ticking some of these things off my list. if you've made any resolutions this year i'd love to read them, do share a link in the comments box ♥

if you'd like to help me cross off #5 i've still got 20% off in my shop til 06.01.12 with code FREEZING

***** g i v e a w a y  w i n n e r s  *****

again a massive thank you for all your support, comments, purchases, kind messages over the last year. and thank you to everyone who entered my little competition. i wish i could send you all a little something, but alas there must only be three winners. i used that clever random number generator to pick and the winners are ... drum roll please ...

. 7 . Rose
. 20 . Zoe
. 5 . Louise

congrats and all that, i shall be in touch to get your details ♥ wishing everyone a wonderfully happy new year x


  1. I like your idea of '26 things to do in the year you turn 26'. It takes away the pressure of homing in on a few particular points when actually they are all relevant! I'm taking note of number 22. I need to do that to, might as well start here!

    All the best for 2012!

  2. These are so inspiring and I'm really excited for you! Looking forward to seeing your shop and blog grow especially - think it's going to be a good year :)

  3. Ohh, I'm glad you had a wonderful new year! <3 I am so excited for 2012!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. I might have to steal your twenty-six things to do as I'm dangerously close to turning 26! Have a wonderful New Year.


  5. ohh yes please do Lou, i'd love to see what you put on your list :)

  6. Love this post! I find so many of the items on your list relevant. I feel inspired! Also, I always read lovely posts but forget to actually comment. That is changing from here! :) x


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