Thursday, April 11, 2013

instagram giveaway!

i've had this little pug iphone 5 case lying around for a while, it was a sample sent to me whilst i was researching suppliers ... so i thought i'd hold my first ever instagram giveaway!

the prize:
a very cute pug iphone 5 case, as pictured above

ways to enter:
◆ repost the photo on instagram with tags @harrietgray #puggiveaway

◆ you must follow me on instagram (only open to instagram users - sorry!)
◆ genuine followers only please
◆ reposts must include me @harrietgray and tag #puggiveaway to be counted
◆ you can enter as many times as you like, each repost will count as one entry
◆ Accounts used soley to enter giveaways will not be counted
◆ open to anyone, anywhere on planet earth ... hooray!

i will pick a winner on 30th april, so you have until then to enter :)


  1. aw this is so cute :) I with I had an iphone5 just for this, hah!

    1. hehe! ... totally worth forking out £500 on the phone, just for the case ;)


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