Sunday, July 29, 2012

hello, have you missed me? i have been a terrible blogger recently! we've set a date for moving so my time has been taken up with planning the logistics, packing, rushing around trying to finish commissions and keep up with all the wonderful orders i've been getting in my shop (thank you!) raises money for homeless and unwanted cats across the world ... wait? what? unwanted cats? i don't believe it :(
anyway, there's a giveaway on there at the moment where you can win a 3 pack of my kitty tattoos! but you have to be quick, as the competition closes 30th july! 

meow meow meowww


  1. omg i'm going to take part in this giveaway. you know, my cat has his own story. i adopted him, because his owner throw his mother and brothers away and they were in ditch near street so he was almost dead. ladies from adoption found him and resuscitated because he was almost dead as i wrote. then he was looking for new owner and they found me. i felt in love with this little baby and of course took him home. he's so poor, so greatful and lovely, you can't even imagine. he's calmy, he loves cudding and i love him so much. i care of him like he was my little child :) i'm pround that he's my little son :) oh. sorry, just wanted to let you know, when i read about this giveaway and poor kittens. i love kittens and if there was any possibility i'd kill every person who hurted any cat. you know, i live in block of flats and here are some people who loves torture cats. they cut his eye and cut his tail. i take care of this cat and i give him food, play with him, etc. he's so poor and people are so rude!!! i don't understand it.

  2. ps: sorry for my bad english, but when i'm angry (and now i'm cus i can't even think about such people) i make many mistakes :P


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