Sunday, May 27, 2012

dear dilemma

every now and then i get approached to work on projects where the end result is really quite different to my usual style of work; a mural in a school, a personal portrait, or like this weekend some medical illustrations.

i personally enjoy the challenge of doing something a little unusual once in a while, it's a nice excuse to experiment and sometimes leads to finding a new technique which i can apply to my 'normal' style.  in the end, no matter how well the project has gone i am always left with the dilemma : should i include the final piece in my portfolio?
more often than not i decide against it.
interestingly i came across this article the other day discussing this very matter.
my portfolio is mainly built up of personal work; i have a clear direction/path laid out in my mind of what my style is like and where i want to go with it, so i feel it makes sense for me to only show work which portrays that.
i guess there is no right or wrong, and it ultimately comes down to showing work you are most proud of, no matter what the original intention (personal or commissioned). what do you like to share in your portfolio work? do you include things which step away from your usual style?

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  1. Anonymous27 May, 2012

    Interesting discussion that could arise out of these questions Harriet! hmmm. Sometimes you want to filter your portfolio so that it is cohesive, true to you, shows the work you're best at, and the work you ENJOY doing most. This seems to be where you are at (and admittedly where I am too). There are 2 unfortunate parts about omitting previous projects you've accomplished: 1. you fail to show your breadth and your other abilities as an illustrator 2. you don't get to highlight part work and projects that prove you are a reliable, hireable, and versatile illustrator. I think there is merit in showing ALL of your work in some capacity, butnyou must be conscious to have your portfolio flow. I don't think nothing wrong with having a SEPARATE portfolio that can be shown to clients which includes this other work, or you could create SECTIONS your portfolio, and include these different styled pieces under "commissioned work" or some other title that is fitting. Hope that helps :)


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