Saturday, March 10, 2012


my futures illustration features in the latest issue of twofold magazine (#3), which is nice.
today luke and i decided to get up early and walk into town, as an excuse to leave our desks for a little while! i bought some daffodils from the market as a treat. the flower lady wrapped them in some particularly nice paper, so nice that i'm tempted to iron out the creases and hang it on my wall.

you may have spotted some footprints on my table from a naughty little so and so, who decided to walk across the wet mono printing board, which resulted in a trail of footprints across the desk, my diary and onto the *cream* sofa to where she sleeps
... tut


  1. I'm sorry about the sofa, I've got a naughty cat too and he usually does things like that! And the illustration is beautiful as always! x

  2. Lovely illustration! Haha those footprints are so cute, print-maker cat.

  3. Congrats on the feature! It looks beautiful!
    (love your nail varnish and those footprints are too cute!)


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