Monday, October 17, 2011

SMUG exclusive

very nice news to share with you today : a selection of my prints will be available from a beautiful shop called SMUG this winter. from 26th october, through to january SMUG will transform the upstairs area of it's camden passage store into a pop up print shop. if you take a peek at smug's website you'll see that it's a bit special, sooo many handsome items i'd love to fill my home with

even nicer news : lizzie (creator of smug) invited me to produce an exclusive illustration for an exhibition of prints unique to smug, which will run alongside the pop up ... so this is one of the drawings i've been busying myself with recently, my brief was to produce an illo based on the old definition of the word smug 'to smarten up a room' with a lovely 50s style lady, feather duster in-toe 

so make sure you get yourself down to smug  - 13 camden passage, islington, london n1 8ea - to have a good rifle through some lovely work ... and maybe buy one or two 

ps. this is my 100th blog post! huzzah!


  1. that's brilliant news and your illo is beaaaautiful :D
    also congratulations on the 100th post, woo paaaartay! Xx

  2. Amazing!!! Your illustration is gorgeous...I'm going to be in London soon so will see if I can get to Smug to have a look in the flesh! :) x


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