Monday, February 14, 2011


happy kissy huggy day to you all!

as a gift, here is a drawing for you.
the original is currently being displayed in 'the pencil' exhibition here this little illustration is inspired by a poem that i like a lot and is rather fitting for today called 'when the heart' by michael leunig

when the heart
is cut or cracked or broken
do not clutch it
let the wound lie open

let the wind
from the good old sea blow in
to bathe the wound with salt
and let it sting

let a stray dog lick it
let a bird lean in the hole and sing
a simple song like a tiny bell
and let it ring

i took part in a little project to spread the love called shhhhhhhh ... secret valentine! where a whole bunch of lovely creative people sent little packages of joy to each other in a secret santa type way. it was all dreamt up by the lovely alicia rose, who you can follow on twitter @iamaliciarose
alicia is composing a giant blog post revealing what everyone sent/received, i'll be sure to let you know when she has it all ready for your viewing pleasure

much lovey and dovey stuff to you! ♥

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